Friday, August 26, 2022

The Beginning of a New Era (and new favorite knitting podcasts)

I'm knitting on my Corbel sweater which is a pattern designed by Claire of Flossi Knits.

It's been a busy and eventful couple of weeks here at the Woldenburn HQ.

Our little baby boy has made his arrival and we are absolutely thrilled to finally have him here. I had a lovely home birth which was very intense and probably the hardest and most painful but also most beautiful and amazing experience of my life. I am planning to film a Knit + Chat video in the next few weeks talking about my pregnancy and home birth experience so if you are interested in hearing about that stay tuned!

We're keeping the name of our son private so for the time being he will be going by the code name of Baby Tam after two of my favorite Redwall characters: Rakkety Tam MacBurl from Rakkety Tam and Tamello De Fformelo Tussock or Tammo as he is known from The Long Patrol. He is a dainty little fellow, much smaller than any of my family expected, but he is rapidly making up for that by eating voraciously at every opportunity. He is doing splendidly and I am recovering quite well, better than I expected!

I've been able to sneak in bits of knitting here and there but it's been rather a whirlwind with Baby Tam making his debut, having family in town, lack of sleep, and overall just adjusting to having this wonderful little person as part of our family. I've been finding it is sometimes difficult to choose between knitting or soaking up all the amazing baby snuggles. 🥰 I'm hoping I'll feel a bit more settled soon and able to do much more crafting because I've really missed it!

I've been watching lots of knitting podcasts in the wee hours of the morning during the several nighttime feeding sessions. (Since Tam was so small, I have to make sure he eats about every 2 hours.) I've found a few new favorites that I thought I'd share. I've found myself so inspired to do all the knitting while watching each episode. It's a little dangerous because I have found so many new patterns I really want to knit. My Ravelry favorites and wishlist has rapidly expanded over the last 2ish weeks... 😳 So I highly recommend these podcasts, but be forewarned that you may be tempted to do some pattern shopping!

The Crafting Sparrow - Amanda:

A Lovely Yarn - Amber:

Carslee Handmade - Carslee:

Willow Cove Crafts Knitting and Sewing - Emily:

Wool Make This Work - Linda: