Friday, May 27, 2022

Knitting the Stria Hat Part 1

I've been wanting to knit the Stria cardigan by Andrea Mowry of Drea Renee Knits for some time. Pretty much since the moment the pattern was released. It just looks like such a cozy, wearable garment.

This weekend Andrea is hosting the Spring Knitting Challenge which is a knitalong with the goal being to knit the newly released Stria Hat in 5 days starting Thursday the 26th.

I wasn't originally planning to make this hat, but when I received the Drea Renee Newsletter, I just couldn't resist joining in the fun. I haven't participated in a knitalong in years and this is one that I think I can reasonably fulfill the challenge. 

I also realized this would be the perfect project to try out the Half Fisherman's Rib stitch before tackling a full garment. I've never done Half Fisherman's Rib and I think it looks so interesting so I've wanted to make something in it for a while. Hence why I've been drawn to the Stria Cardigan.

I love this pattern!! This is the progress I made in my first day's work. It is such a simple, mindless sort of a knit. Something that I can work on while watching knitting podcasts while snuggled up on the couch.

I'm very happy with the colors I picked. I have a beautiful royal blue coat that my dad bought for me about 7 years ago and I wear it non-stop during the cold months. I knew that if I made this hat I wanted to make sure it would work with my coat so I can wear them together. And I think I've succeeded!

Doesn't this look amazing?? I absolutely love working Half Fisherman's Rib! It is so simple and I find it to have a good rhythm to it.

There is a stitch pattern I found in a knitting stitch dictionary a long time ago that I fell in love with. It has a similar "knit into the stitch below" step that I really like and Half Fisherman's Rib really reminds me of that stitch.

So far I have found this to be such a satisfying knit. I'm making good progress and I think I am on track to be able to get the hat done by Monday. I cannot wait to be able to wear this. It is the squishiest knit I've made in a while!

I want to knit the Stria cardigan even more now! Maybe once I finish my So Faded sweater wip, I'll start working on picking out colors for the cardigan. 😁


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