Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My final projects for Minerva Crafts

 Hey friends!

It's been a bit. I'm popping in a quick post here just to show you a couple pictures of the last couple projects I made for Minerva as part of their blogger/brand ambassador program. I've worked with them for almost 6 years! It was time to be done though. I'd gotten to the point that making the projects were just hanging over my head like a millstone! Which isn't remotely ideal.

I've loved being able to use some gorgeous fabrics and patterns that I wouldn't have without being a part of it. If you would like to read the full details on any of these projects, you can find my Minerva profile here. Anyway, on to the projects!

Felicity Dress - Jennifer Lauren Handmade

This is one of my favorite pattern designs. It is such a simple and quick sew which I am all about at the moment. And I feel like it is quite flattering on my body shape. I made the size 12 which is my usual JLH pattern size. The fabric is a Rose and Hubble cotton covered in strawberries and bees which I think is so cute!

Cleo Dress - Tilly and the Buttons

I've made a couple versions of this pattern before and wasn't a huge fan of how they turned out but I wanted to try it again. I don't think I'll make this dress again. I do like this version, but I just don't think this fits my style. I want to love it because it is a cute pinafore dress, but I just don't. I'm still planning to keep this dress for a while and wear it a few more times to see if my opinions change. It still ended up too short for my preferences which also is a mark against it if you will.

Cardamome Dress - Deer & Doe

I love this dress so much! I didn't think I would like it as much as I do. Every time I wear it I appreciate it even more. I love the length of the cute full skirt, I love the huge patch pockets, I love the roomy bodice, the collar, the elastic back waistband. Everything about it. I used the free waistband pattern piece from the D&D website instead of shirring it like the pattern design calls for. Then the skirt is a rectangle gathered into said waistband. I cut the sleeve pattern quite short and added elastic at the bottom to make these cute puffed short sleeves. I love using elastic in my sleeves because it brings them in and makes them more fitted without reducing my arm mobility.

Chardon skirt - Deer & Doe

I've wanted to try this pattern for ages! It looks like such a fun fit and flare skirt which is definitely in my style book. It is such an easy sew! The pleats are the hardest part and they aren't even that difficult. A little fiddly especially if you haven't tried them before. I do like this pattern, but I was disappointed that it doesn't have the same fullness to it that the technical drawings show on the pattern envelope. I wanted it full and poofy! But that just means I need to make it again and add some fullness to it. Also the facing is a bit weird. I'd recommend finishing it off with some bias binding or adding an actual waistband. I'm planning to add a strip of gold yellow fabric at the bottom to bring out the pineapple print and add some length.

Coquelicot dress - Deer & Doe

I bought this dress as soon as I saw the release announcement email. I love everything about the design! The flounce, the dramatic maxi skirt, the neckline. It's absolutely lovely! I did end up having to make some changes to make it fit better though. I added elastic to the neckline and armholes. The armholes were gaping quite a bit and showing my bra. Since the armholes are bound with bias binding, it was ridiculously simple to pop some elastic in there which drew them in the right amount while still being very comfortable. I think next time I make this pattern I will need to remove some height from the shoulder area because there was just so much room at the top of my shoulders. I stitched some lingerie elastic around the neckline under the flounce and that worked perfectly to keep this dress wearable.

I am thrilled to have all of these projects done! Now I'll be able to tackle using some of the pretty fabrics from my stash. After I take a bit of a break that is. Having these projects to complete weighed on my mind much more than I realized. Now I don't have to worry about them my creativity has decided to take a vacation for a bit and I find that, other than knitting a few stitches here and there on my knitting projects, I have no creative energy to expend. Which makes me feel a little guilty, but I am trying to be patient and rest properly.

Speaking of which, my sock project is calling my name so I'm going to sign off here. I hope you're all well and happy and I'll see you soon!


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